The Most Detailed and Largest 3D Map of the Universe Has Been Created

Scientists announced that a 3-dimensional map of the universe was created thanks to the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), which studies dark energy. It is stated that this map, which is in its early stages, is the most detailed and wide universe map to date.

As technology advances, human space exploration is getting better. In the past days a nebula discovered near our galaxy We shared it with you and conveyed to you that the work on the discovery of the universe has gained momentum.

Now, scientists have announced that they are working on the largest and most detailed three-dimensional map of the universe ever made. Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), located in Arizona, USA, dark energy and the expansion of the universe He succeeded in creating the initial stages of the most detailed 3D universe map ever made.

‘The most detailed and largest map of the universe’

DESI, which was deployed to the Mayall telescope on Kitt Mountain in the region and started its mission seven months ago, has already started to showcase its capabilities. Consisting of 5,000 optical fibers, This device, which examines the light and dark energy coming from the universe, provides a three-dimensional mapping of our galaxy and universe. He states that this device, which will finish its scans in 2026, will be able to examine and map 35 million galaxies until that year.

According to scientists, DESI has managed to map 7.5 million galaxies so far, which means that 1 million galaxies can be mapped each month. Julien Guy, an astrophysicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, also said of DESI, “Galaxies on the 3D map have lots of amazing things like huge clusters, threads and voids. In other words, the largest structures in the universe are being mapped. With these too traces about the history of the universe we can explore, we can observe its expansion” he said.

Researchers think that it is not necessary to wait until 2026 to take a deep look into space, and the three-dimensional map can already reveal new information about galaxies and the universe from DESI. Whether small galaxies have their own black holes is expected to be revealed as a result of these mappings.

DESI can access new information about dark energy


In addition, experts agree that the main purpose of DESI make up 70% of the universe and finding new information about the dark energy that allowed it to expand. of dark energy; It attracts the attention of astronomers because it can cause the collapse or expansion of galaxies and contains many mysteries about the universe; that’s why we need to point out that it is the leading role in these studies.


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In his statements, scientist Carlos Frenk from Durham University in England said, “DESI will offer us clues about the nature of dark energy. And also About the formation of galaxies like the Milky Way we will learn more” and offers us his predictions about possible discoveries.

Victoria Fawcett, also an astronomer in Durham, states that DESI can search for rare celestial objects that could not be studied in detail before, and can gather information from 2.4 million galaxies called quasars in the far corners of the universe. You can reach the developments about DESI by clicking here.

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