The method of stealing credit cards by Twitch fraudsters has been deciphered!

In Turkey Twitch The operation is in full swing. The data that emerged with the hacking of the platform last year revealed an unpleasant situation. Some people Unfair earnings in BIT currency It was determined that he had obtained 44 suspects in 11 provincesSimultaneously, the first operation was performed.

Istanbul Police Department, Police teams affiliated to the Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch Directorate carried out a new simultaneous operation in 7 provinces based in Istanbul last month and detained 18 more people. Today, new information on the subject has emerged.

How Twitch scammers steal credit cards

TRT Haber has received important information about the second wave of the Twitch operation. Accordingly, those detained in May 5 out of 18 are hackers and Twitch streamer of all 5 people turned out to be. remaining 4 people if this acting as a bridge between two groups by seeing commission taking.

scammers Methods of stealing credit cards the kind that leaves their mouths open. Because hackers are a famous virtual GSM operator of the market chain and insurance they lure their victims with fake websites impersonating their companies.

Operation on Twitch scammers!  18 people were detained

Operation on Twitch scammers! 18 people were detained

A new Twitch operation was held simultaneously in 8 provinces on the grounds that they were fraudulent and money laundering with credit cards.

Hackers like this fake sites for a maximum of half an hour so as not to attract too much attention. Ranks high on Google they are holding. During this time top up Unfortunately, the person who clicks on it is handing over his money into the hands of fraudsters. In addition, if the amount collected from the victims reaches a satisfactory level, they completely close the fake websites in order not to leave a trace.

naturally captured money laundering also needed. Here Twitch on the platform BIT and so-called donations are made to publishers. It is even stated that the money was laundered in different channels.

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