The Map You Can Travel Step By Step In The Whole Universe Has Been Released

Scientists from John Hopkins University have published an interactive map of all known galaxies, from the Milky Way Galaxy to the very edge of known space.

Humanity has been looking at the sky for a very long time and the mysteries of space trying to solve. Our exploration tools have continually improved since the first societies watched the stars, making it possible to see even deeper into space. A new study brings the universe we know to our fingertips.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in the last 20 years Sloan created an interactive map of the known universe by examining data from the Digital Sky Observatory. This data, which was previously only accessible to scientists, has now become accessible to everyone with the published website.

You can fit the entire universe on a single screen

On the new interactive map 200 thousand galaxies we have the chance to see their real positions and colors. It is also possible to download this map, which can be visited online, to the device used.

Maker of the map Brice Menard, stated that he was very impressed by the sky photographs in his childhood and that he signed such a work to inspire new people. Saying that scientists have discovered new galaxies for years, the researcher also stated that no one had worked to create a map before.

Sloan Digital Skywatch, aims to explore space with the help of a telescope located in Mexico. The telescope at this station has been collecting data for years, focusing on a slightly different spot in visible space each time. ,



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The map is, in a sense, the universe. how big is it It opens a new door for understanding. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is represented as just a single point on the entire map. Each of the 200 thousand points is home to billions of stars and many more planets than this number.

As the galaxies move away on the map their colors have changed We see. The different colored band at the far end represents radiation left over from the Big Bang, which is thought to have occurred 13.7 billion years ago. You can find the map here.

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