The Man Who Was Taken to the Morgue Because He Was “Died” Revealed Alive

A death report was kept for a man who had a traffic accident in India. The man, who was held in the morgue for 6 hours, showed signs of life when removed for autopsy and body handover. Indian authorities announced that an investigation has been launched into the incident. A “miracle” is called a “miracle” for the event that went viral in India…

Something mind-blowing happened in India. He is known to be 45 years old. Srikesh Kumarwas seriously injured in a traffic accident. It was stated that there was nothing left to do for the man who was taken to a private hospital serving in New Delhi. Thereupon, Kumar, whose death report was prepared, morgue removed. So far everything was normal.

Srikesh Kumar spent the night in the morgue. A mind-blowing incident happened when his family wanted to retrieve his body. in Kumar’s body noticing the movement family members thought that the man might not have died. The realization that this thought was true confused India. The man who was found to have no pulse despite the interventions and was considered dead, after 6 hours in the morgue had come back to life.

Investigation started

Doctor Shiv Singh made the first statement about the event that caused indignation in India. Singh said that the emergency responders did everything for the 45-year-old man, but that the response was is insufficient told. Because no signs of life, especially heart rate, were found. According to Shiv Singh, the medical staff did not know anything about the incident. error did not have.


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Many people refer to what happened to the unfortunate 45-year-old man as “miracleHowever, the law enforcement officers launched an investigation in order to understand what lies behind this miracle. The man who was considered dead was taken into treatment after it was understood that he was alive. not sure

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