“The lion’s den”: Investors squabble about the miracle paper of the “Kopha” founders – people

Minds heated up on this subject.

They wanted in the “Lions’ den“Actually just present their innovative paper: Peter Helfer (55) and Walter Reichel (75) are experienced papermakers and were certain” that today we will amaze you with a piece of paper. ”

For their company “Kohpa” they wanted 200,000 euros for 15 percent of the company’s shares, because their product is an all-round talent: “You can use it like paper. But what is very important: It conducts electricity. ”There are two possible uses for the wonder paper. The duo explained: “It’s heating paper, the first ever. You can heat any surface with it. And it repels electromagnetic rays. Figuratively speaking, the whole house is wrapped up so that electromagnetic radiation does not reach people. “

Carsten Maschmeyer (62) was delighted: “That is unbelievable in the truest sense of the word!” Georg Kofler (64) was in a debating mood for a long time: “It goes without saying that we have such radiations. These are some sects who claim that we are being irradiated! “Maschmeyer countered with lightning speed:” Maybe you will be more relaxed if you had more protection. “

Then Nico Rosberg (36) also intervened: “I disagree, Georg, I’m sorry. We now have 5G. Some countries have said: First of all, we would like to research scientifically whether there really are no problems for us humans. “

Georg Kofler against the rest

But Kofler was on the move, further etched: “Everyone wants digitization, and then they think that 5G is now getting radiation? That’s ridiculous! ”He had already gained experience himself. “A dowser came into my house 20 to 30 years ago. That’s such a hocus-pocus about it! These radiation discussions take place beyond expert opinions. ”

Maschmeyer saw it differently: “I have a completely different opinion on the radiation. I’ve had neighbors with a physics professor who also came with a divining rod. He went into my neighbors’ bedroom and said: Anyone who sleeps in this bed will get cancer. The woman had two operations for abdominal cancer! I am an absolute advocate that we pay attention to this. “

Peter Helfer (left) and Walter Reichel presented multifunctional paper to the lionsPhoto: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maur

Kofler’s decision not to invest in the product was foreseeable. Nevertheless, the two founders could look forward to a trio of investors: Carsten Maschmeyer, Nico Rosberg and Dagmar Wöhrl (67) offered the desired 200,000 euros – albeit for a total of 33 percent. Nevertheless, the “Kohpa” founders were enthusiastic: “We say thank you here and are happy to accept the offer.”

Maschmeyer’s conclusion was Georg Kofler: “You have the shortest fuse of all lions!”