The lifespan of iPhones has been determined!

The increase in the dollar rate and the taxes in our country have a very negative effect on smartphone prices. Sellers have to constantly raise money, while customers find it difficult to buy a new device every day. For this reason, users pay attention to a long service life when buying a smartphone.

At this point, one of the most successful companies apple, iPhoneIt draws attention with the long service life it provides. The company, which is far ahead of its competitors in software and hardware optimization, makes a difference to Android, especially in terms of update time. Alright iPhoneWhat is the lifetime of the ‘s?

How many years are iPhones used?

The most important factor that determines the usage time of smartphones is the software update. Having a refreshed version of the operating system can bring new features to older devices as well as help keep them up to date. The most important issue in this regard is undoubtedly its contribution to security.

appleWhen we look at , we see that it is one of the most successful manufacturers in software updates. For example, in September 2015 iPhone 6S Even so, it’s getting the iOS 15 update coming out in 2021. For comparison, it was released in March 2015. Samsung Galaxy S6, finally Android 7 got the update.

iPhone lifespan Another important factor is the hardware. Apple, which is also advantageous in this regard, has its own high performance. ARM based processors. In this way, the phones offer an experience that will not cause problems in daily use even years after their release.

All of these iPhone lifespan While increasing, it is also possible to give a period of time. Horace saidu According to an analyst named Apple, the lifespan of an Apple phone is about 4.5 years. Dediu, who came to this conclusion by examining the phones of many brands, thinks that especially users who want long-lasting products should turn to iOS devices.

However, it should be noted that the actual usage time of the phones depends on what you do with this device. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about an exact duration. So what do you think about this subject? What do you think might be the reason for this usage time difference between Android and iOS? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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