The Last Turkish Company to Take Its Place in the Metaverse World: Abdi İbrahim

Turkish pharmaceutical company Abdi İbrahim took its place in the metaverse world by building its own structure in Decentraland (MANA).

HEAL2030“The first important project of the sustainability strategy under the title of digitalization”The Journey of Healingg” NFT collection Abdi İbrahim, Web 3.0 and blockchain continues his work in the field.

Realizing the firsts in the world pharmaceutical industry Abdi İbrahimafter the release of the NFT collection Decentralandby building your own structure in entered the world of the metaverse and Another first in the pharmaceutical industry.

Abdi İbrahim, the company Headquarters in Maslak, IstanbulDesigned inspired by the architecture of at coordinates 120 -4 collage artist on one floor of the building Selman Hosgorcomposed of works byThe Journey of Healing” It showcases the NFT collection.

Abdi İbrahim also added its structure in the Decentraland metaverse in the future. use it to host in-house events is planning.

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