The Last Trailer of DEATHLOOP Has Arrived [Video]

Bethesda, which appeared at Sony’s Showcase event, was the company that left its mark on the event. The company, which released promotional videos for both DEATHLOOP and Ghostwire: Tokyo, increased the excitement of the players. Players will have the opportunity to meet DEATHLOOP on September 14 and Ghostwire: Tokyo in 2022.

The video game world has been one of the deep-rooted names in the industry for a while. Bethesda‘s new game that he is working on is waiting for DEATHLOOP. The game, which will be released for PlayStation 5 and PC, will be presented to gamers on September 14. Bethesda, which has released another promotional video for the production, which draws attention with its subject and gameplay, DEATHLOOP It has increased the excitement of the fans.

The last trailer of DEATHLOOP, which will appear as a first-person shooter type production, it will be full of action once again reveals. The game, which will make the players feel like they are in a movie, includes completing 8 main missions with different techniques. The team, which is very confident about the game it has developed, in the introduction of DEATHLOOP “Try again, die again‘ he uses.

Here is the final trailer for DEATHLOOP

Japan-based technology giant Sony showcase Introducing new games to be released as part of the event made. In this context, one of the games that stood out was Ghostwire: Tokyo. Preparing a very ambitious trailer for the game, which comes out as a new generation horror and action game, Tango Gameworks, has left the publishing business of the game to Bethesda. So what will Ghostwire: Tokyo offer to gamers?

Ghostwire: Tokyo will also be available for PlayStation and PC, just like DEATHLOOP. However, gamers Ghostwire: TokyoThey have to wait a little longer. Because the company will release this game in 2022. As you can understand from its name, the game, which will take place in Tokyo, will fill its action and adventure with horror elements. In this game, players are the troublemakers in Tokyo. supernatural creatures They will try to beat it…