The Last of Us Episode 3 Confuses Heads

The third episode of The Last of Us, which made a successful start, divided the fans of the series into two. Players who knew the story from the games on Reddit and 4Chan forums criticized the last episode.

The Last Of Us, which became a phenomenon with its release and was cited as one of the best game-adapted productions to date, especially with similarities to the first game won the hearts of the players. Moreover, both the series and the movie inspired by a real-life mushroom And that makes the story realistic enough.

The story line, which developed almost the same as the game until the 3rd episode, created the perception of many viewers that the other episodes would proceed in the same way. However, this perception was broken with the 3rd episode.

Warning: There are plenty of spoilers for both The Last of Us series and the first game in the rest of the article.

So what is the difference between Episode 3 and the game?

You remember Bill and his partner Frank, who both drive the players crazy with their paranoid attitudes and win the hearts of some with their paternalistic attitudes. To put it roughly for those who don’t know, Joel and Ellie, who meet Bill for the first time in the game, are our paranoid hunter. after escaping their trap They cleaned his house full of infected people, in return they bought the car parts they needed, repaired a car and continued on their way. Frank, Bill’s ex-partner, is trying not to get infected in the game. hanging oneself was appearing.

However, in the series, we see that Joel and Tess have met Bill and Frank before. A large part of the series focuses on the story of Bill and Frank instead of focusing on the story of Ellie and Joel. Here is our story with the game in completely opposite directions is starting to progress. Two old friends and partners in the game We see Bill and Frank as lovers in the series. Throughout the series, we witness the good and bad things that the duo goes through. Of course, with the death of the two of us later, Ellie never gets to meet Bill.

Of course, this situation seemed strange to almost everyone who loved the game and knew the story. Although some argue that this is a different perspective or alternative story, many players who love and know the original story are on the forums. He began to argue that episode 3 was a fiasco.

A statement came from the director of the series and the writer of the play.

Of course, these complex ideas about episode 3 quickly turned into a small-scale fight among The Last of Us fans. While the parties clashed on the Reddit and 4Chan forums, Craig Mazin, the producer and director of the series, and Neil Druckmann, who both wrote the story of the original game and directed and wrote the series, made statements to IGN on the subject.

duo, this part deliberately designed differently stating “We wanted to take a realistic look at how two people find love in a hopeless post-apocalyptic world.He also stated that they want to show different sides of the TLOU universe to the audience.

The author of the original game, Neil Druckmann, shows what people will lose in this post-apocalyptic world in the first two episodes of the series and how they fight not to lose it, while in the third episode, what people can gain and what they can gain. what they can do to keep what they have earned states that they intend to show


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Although the 3rd episode attracted the attention of the viewers who did not play the game, they played the games, Bill’s hilarious bickering with Ellie Many of the actors, who laughed and saw how much the post-apocalyptic world can destroy a person with Bill for the first time, criticized this episode.

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