The Key to Self-Discovery: The Enneagram Test

It is the basic impulse of every human being to seek his own concept of ‘I’. The state of not being able to find the self by covering it can disrupt the inner peace of a person. For this reason, exploring our personality can be the first step towards finding our selves.

Having a personality test suitable for performing the first step enneagram, we all have mental, emotional and instinctive intelligence structuring the human personality based on 9 different types of functions related to the direction of the psychology based is a model. Each type of enneagram is based on unconscious fears and the desire to compensate for them. It refers to a way in which the three intelligence centers interact with each other.

Enneagram, which strictly categorizes 9 different types of functions It is not a simple personality test. It contains different personality types, basic and subordinate. Which of the basic or sub-personality types will be dominant may change due to external factors. Therefore, even two people of the same type can be very different in the way they manage their lower and basic personality types. We have compiled the character traits for you according to 9 function types!

Type 1: Perfectionist / Idealistic


people with type 1, perfectionist and idealist show approaches. Anything that is sufficiently good may seem inadequate to them. They may also feel guilty in cases where they cannot compensate for this inadequacy. Famous names such as Elon Musk, Charles Dickens, Meryl Streep have type 1 personality.

Fear: Being imperfect, corrupt, doing something unethical, failing to fulfill responsibilities perfectly

Target: Fulfilling their responsibilities perfectly

Negative features: Being sensitive and fragile, anxiety, anger

Type 2: Benevolent


Life goals of people with type 2, to help anyone in need. They can be emotional and caring. They may act as if they need to be loved. In their rush to help other people, they may ignore themselves. For this reason, they are prone to experience psychological negatives such as depression and burnout. Famous names such as Ben Cohen, Princess Diana, Adile Naşit have type 2 personality.

Fear: not appreciated, not loved

Target: to be loved as it is

Negative features: resentment, pride


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Type 3: Success Oriented / Hardworking

People with type 3, no matter what job they do achievement oriented, ambitious and competitive they can behave. If he can manage his traits, he is a harmonious character and is quite hardworking. workaholic tends to be. Status can be very important to them. Famous names such as Andy Warhol, Kobe Bryant, Elvis Presley have type 3 personality.

fear of: failure

Target: attention, appreciation

Negative features: Persistent doubt, intolerance, selfishness

Type 4: Original / Individualistic


People with type 4 with their creativity has come to the fore. They may be inclined to become artists. They have foresight and doesn’t like mediocrity. Identity and self-awareness is highly developed. They do not hesitate to live their emotions freely, so they can sometimes isolate themselves from other people. Famous names such as Albert Camus, Steve Jobs, Okan Bayülgen, Johnny Deep, Van Gogh have type 4 personality.

Fear: to be ordinary

Target: discovering meaning

Negative features: Imbalance, melancholy

Type 5: Researcher / Observer


People with type 5 love to read and research. Continuous desire to learn they hear. Observation skills are highly developed. They enjoy reading books and learning new things. Introvert they tend to be. In general quiet and thoughtful they appear. He may seem insensitive and uninterested, as he mostly uses logic when making decisions. Famous names such as Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka, Tim Burton have type 5 personality.

fear of: Inadequacy

Target: Being knowledgeable and equipped

Negative traits: Arrogance


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Type 6: Inquisitive / Loyal


people with type 6 The sense of responsibility is very high. He tries to fulfill his responsibilities as best he can. Usually in relationships reliable and loyal He is respected for his attitude. They may find the outside world very dangerous, so they may want to protect both themselves and their environment. Famous names such as Adolf Hitler, Tom Hanks, Malcolm X have type 6 personality.

Fear: to be unsupported

Desire: Be safe

Negative features: worried, skeptical

Type 7: Adventurer

type7 adventurer

People with type 7 personality discover life purpose it could be. They enjoy trying new things, but they can be voracious. They are fun, extroverted and free. They are not too afraid to take risks. They can have high energy, so they are prone to hyperactivity. They dislike negative people and situations. When faced with such situations, they may tend to withdraw. Famous names such as Barış Manço, Jim Carrey, Jack London have type 7 personality.

Fear: Being unhappy

Target: Enjoy

Negative features: distraction, dissatisfaction

Type 8: Protectionist / Defiant


People with the Type 8 personality type like to be confronted and challenged. leadership skills has developed. He may have a dominant character, so his communication with his environment may be aggressive. He likes to be clear. He prefers to act rather than speak. Famous names such as Ernesto Che Guevera, Pablo Picasso, Stalin have type 8 personality.

Fear: to be dominated

Target: Being active and strong

Negative Features: greed, vanity

Type 9: Peaceful


People with type 9 personality, easy to deal with and compatible has character. He seeks harmony in his social environment. Being peaceful is very important to them, so they avoid fighting and arguing as much as possible. Introvert it could be. They prefer to think in detail when making decisions. Famous names such as Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney have type 9 personality.

Fear: Loneliness, restlessness

Target: Harmony, balance, peace

Negative features: Passive aggression, stubbornness, outbursts of anger

If you want to discover your personality by solving the Enneagram test, you can find it here.