The IT entrepreneur Ulrich Dietz is wrong when he says that we are a “don’t give a damn nation”. The opposite is the case. I hope we don’t become a rage nation.

The Reichstag in Berlin

In view of the energy crisis, there is a change of mood among the population.

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The IT entrepreneur Ulrich Dietz is wrong when he thinks that Germany has become a “don’t give a damn nation”. It’s true, rail and airline standards have fallen. When it comes to digitization, we are lagging behind. However, it is not true that society has gotten used to all these botches and accepts everything. The citizens are rightly annoyed about the lack of punctuality and the excessive bureaucracy in the country.

But at the moment, society is experiencing a rapid change in mood because of the energy shock. Of course there are the “don’t give a fuck” politicians like Wolfgang Kubicki, who doesn’t give a damn. A small part of the population is doing so well economically that they can save.

Schizophrenic energy policy

The rest, however, is already land under. People keep their money together and use up their wealth. Small and medium-sized companies, like many others, are realizing that the energy crisis did not befall us as fate like Corona or the flood disaster. Instead of a feeling of shit, anger is creeping out over an almost schizophrenic energy policy. The federal government imports coal but is phasing out coal production. We buy nuclear power from abroad, but switch off our own power plants.

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New gas fields are being developed all over the world, just not here. Politics is disconnected from reality, and citizens outsource their opinions to an inner bad bank. Still. Germany was never a shit nation. Neither does a rage nation. Hopefully the latter stays that way.

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