The iPhone, taken out of the river, surprised with its water resistance

The water resistance of iPhone models may be much better than you think. According to an incident in England, who came out of the river after 10 months iPhone model was still working. Here is the story of the iPhone, which did not happen.

Removed from the river after 10 months, iPhone surprised with its water resistance

According to the news in the BBC, Owain Davies He dropped his cell phone in the Wye River about 10 months ago. The good news for the unfortunate man who was taking a canoe ride during the bachelorette party and dropped his phone in the river came from a canoeist he did not know.

Miguel Pacheco Another person named discovered an iPhone at the bottom of the river while kayaking. When Pacheco returned home, he realized that the appliance had filled with water and spent several days trying to dry it. Then he said he found an iPhone in the River Wye. uploaded her photos to social media and he said he was looking for the owner.

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Miguel Pacheco, who found the phone, expressed his shock when he plugged the device into the charger the next day. your iPhone that you are working remarkable and said that the screen was turned on. “I couldn’t believe it when I plugged it in in the morning because there was a picture of a happy couple on the screen,” Pacheco said in an interview.

Pacheco, who started a social media campaign to get the phone to its owner, realized that his tweet was shared more than 4 thousand times. These posts eventually worked, and it was stated that the couple in the photo was Owain Davis and his fiancee Fiona Gardner.

Davis, who received his iPhone from Pacheco 10 months later, said the following about the incident:

I was in a two-person canoe and my partner probably shouldn’t have stood up. Then it goes without saying that we fell into the water. The phone was also in my back pocket and as soon as I entered the water, I realized that the phone disappeared.

of Pacheco recover iPhone The owner of the phone, stating that the effort he made to

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