The Horrific Murder Conceived by Two 11-Year-Old Boys

Countless murders and violence occur every day around the world. Although some are enlightened by the police and detectives, some continue to remain a mystery for years. One of the hard-to-believe cases, some details of which have not been revealed, belongs to children named Jon Venables and Robert Thompson.

These two boys, only 11 years old, were cold-blooded and fearless when they killed 2.5-year-old James Bulger. “Youngest people convicted of murder in British historyEvery detail in this Jon and Robert case, known as ”, is quite extraordinary.

The blood-curdling murder of children, which has made quite a splash in the world, is actually quite innocent it starts off somehow.

Known for frequently skipping school, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson went to a shopping mall when the date was February 12, 1993.

The duo, who was found to have stolen many batteries, candy, a troll doll and a can of blue paint from the shops, for reasons that remain unclear for more than 20 years. A boy decided to steal.

On the same day, 2.5-year-old James Bulger and his mother Denise were in the same mall. The mother and son, who were seen shopping at the butcher’s shop at around 3.40 p.m., were unaware of what would happen to them. Little James, who disappeared with a momentary carelessness of his mother, turned to the security cameras. Walking in the mall with Jon and Robert viewed.

Taking the little boy out of the mall, the duo walked James about 4km towards a canal.

James and his mother

During this walk, James fell on his head and injured his face. On this 4km long road, who noticed James crying and the swelling in his head, about 40 people although almost none of them felt the need to question this situation.

Realizing the strangeness of the situation, only one woman tried to stop Jon and Robert and ask various questions, but the two allegedly; that James has younger siblings or that the boy disappeared and they took him to the police station. He eluded the woman by saying.

Then when they got to town, a police station Although they paused for a moment, they continued on their way.

Heading up a steep slope near a train station, Jon and Robert were to commit the murder of James Bulger.

Jon and Robert

Dual; victim on this hill kicked him, threw stones at him, filled the boy’s mouth with stolen batteries that same day and applied paint to his left eye.. Finally, they threw an iron rod of about 10 kg belonging to the train track at James.

James, who had 10 cracks in his skull as a result of the blow to his head with an iron bar, has a total of 10 fractures. from 42 locations was injured.

One of the most interesting aspects of the event is two 11-year-old children; The torture he inflicted on James was when he was hit by a train, and they laid his victims on train springs and put pieces of rubble on their heads to make his death look like an accident.

the train zone where the incident took place

James Bulger’s body was discovered after the duo left the scene by fully implementing their plans. split in half by a train and his body was found 2 days after the incident took place.

The game of the two murderers who tried to make this death look like a train accident is broken; forensic pathologist, death happened before the train crash had confirmed.


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Police examining the shopping mall cameras after the attack; received footage that clearly shows little James being abducted by two unidentified children.

Robert Thompson

The police, who questioned the children who had a previous criminal record, one by one, on who or who carried out this murder, could not find any clue; until a woman who saw footage of this event on TV saw Jon and Robert, whom she knew had skipped school that day. to recognize on the screen until.

The ages of the children could not be clearly understood from the camera footage, and therefore, the police initially called the suspects “two teenagers” he had mentioned.

However, these suspicions were confirmed by the forensic testing of the blue dye on James’ body. In the outfits of Jon and Robert duo ended up being detected. Also Jon and Robert blood stains on your shoes It also matched James’ blood.

In addition, the bruise on James’s face matched the shape he gave to the top of Robert’s shoe; The paint on Jon’s shoes confirmed that he had kicked James.

Jon and Robert

This murder, which contains many details, includes the removal of James’ shoes, pants, underwear and socks; on the other hand, the police a sexual offense It also prompted an investigation into the matter.

However, when this suspicion was questioned by detectives and child psychiatrists, the duo who committed the murder did not give any details about the matter and explained why. no definitive proof could be found.


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The two 11-year-old boys were found guilty of murdering James Bulger on February 20, 1993 and were detained pending trial.

Jon Venables

The couple, who went to court after the arrest, were named child A (Robert Thompson) and child B (Jon Venables). indefinitely until trial kept safe.

In this hearing, which is conducted as an adult trial, the two; child abduction, attempted child abduction and murder was tried. Jon and Robert denied all accusations against them.

Behind the scenes of the kidnapping charge, however, was a completely different event. On the day Jon and Robert committed the murder of James, He also attempted to kidnap another child. but the attempt failed, as the boy’s mother prevented it.

During the trial, 27 bricks, James’ underwear, a bloodstained stone and a rusty stick were cited as evidence.

James murder in the press

After the hearing, which was held on the recordings of statements that took 20 hours, these two 15 years under surveillance It was decided. When the date showed February 2008, when Jon and Robert turned 25, their detention would end.

After the hearing, the broadcast bans were lifted by the jury and the names of the children were announced. Jon and Robert after their conviction The youngest murderers of the 20th century was accepted as

After this murder, which made a lot of noise in the region, the families of these two criminals death threats Due to his new identity, he moved to other states of the country.

By June 2001, it was decided that the children were no longer harmed, and they were released under their new identities by the dual parole board.

Liverpool fan

However, contrary to popular belief, Jon Venables did not learn from his mistakes. Jon was jailed again three years later, first for failing to comply with the eviction rules in 2010. if in 2017 images of child abuse He was arrested again for his appearance.

Jon, now in his 40s, has been around since the murder of James Bulger. obtaining and distributing child abuse and inappropriate images of children In addition to his crimes, he was arrested 4 times for alcohol and drug problems.

Luckily, Robert hasn’t had any problems since he was released under license. did not commit a crime. His identity is still protected around the world.

The torture of two 11-year-old children to a 2.5-year-old innocent was screened in 2019 with a movie called Detainment, which is about the incident.


James Bulger’s mother, on the other hand, on the grounds that she did not get permission to shoot the film. to cancel the movie He launched a petition, but his efforts were futile.

In addition to the way it was committed, this murder, which made quite a splash in the world press and has incredible details, It was designed with such terrifying details by two 11-year-olds. Undoubtedly, it will astonish us all.


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