The highly anticipated SUV: Renault Austral Türkiye price has been announced!

Renault’s Austral model, which has been promoting globally for a while, has finally arrived in Turkey. While the model is starting to take its place in the dealers, the pre-order process has been completed. Of course, Renault Austral Türkiye price has also been announced. Here is the much anticipated French SUV model Renault Austral Türkiye price and other details…

Renault Austral technical specifications and price!

The new Austral was actually introduced globally recently. Afterwards, the pre-order process started before the vehicle went to the dealers. It was learned that the model, which was not expected to come to Turkey in the first place, will later be offered for sale in Turkey. So how much is the price in Türkiye?

The car, whose pre-order process is finished, is now slowly starting to take its place in dealers. According to the statement from Renault, after the pre-order deliveries of the vehicle are finished, sales from the dealer will begin. The vehicle will come to our country only with its semi-hybrid version. In short, it will be available with a single engine and a single equipment option.

The arrival date of the BMW 5 Series in Turkey has been announced!  So how much will it be?

The arrival date of the BMW 5 Series in Turkey has been announced! So how much will it be?

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Increasing exchange rate and tax rates can be shown as the reason for this situation. Because the car appeals to the upper segment in the C segment. This prevents the vehicle’s full equipment packages from coming to Turkey. Because together with the equipment of the vehicle, the price must appeal to the consumer.

The vehicle will come to our country with a semi-hybrid unit producing 160 hp. The 12V mild hybrid engine integrated into the vehicle has no effect on power. We can say that it is used to provide the vehicle’s start-stop balance and to increase the amount of torque. The engine with 160 hp produces 270 Nm of torque between 1600 and 3250 rpm. Despite its heavy body and powerful engine, the vehicle burns 6.3 liters in just 100 kilometers in the city thanks to its 12V mild hybrid engine.

Renault Austral Türkiye price

The vehicle will be on sale with an automatic transmission integrated into this engine. So sad news for manual gearbox lovers. The vehicle will only come with an automatic transmission. The Renault Austral model, which is offered for sale with the Techno Esprit Alpine hardware package, will cost 1 million 190 thousand TL in Turkey.

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