The Grand Final of Turkcell eNational Team Selections Has Arrived!

The Turkcell eNational Team Selections, which started on November 3, have come to an end. The 4 finalists will face each other on November 17 and the winners of this tournament will represent Turkey in the international FIFA 23 tournaments.

Football-loving gamers in our country have been in an exciting process since the beginning of November. For Turkcell eNational Team SelectionsAs of November 3, it officially started and has come to an end as of now. Turkey with the final matches to be held on November 17 (tomorrow) will represent in the virtual world players will be determined.

starting on November 3 and FIFA 23 Dozens of players participated in the qualifying rounds held over the tournament and these players left 3 tournaments behind. There are 4 players left. These players on 17 November They will face each other and compete fiercely. After the grand final matches to be held at the facilities of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) in Istanbul Riva, the players who will represent the Turkish eNational Team in international tournaments will be officially announced.

Final matches can be followed via live broadcast.

Gamers who want to follow Turkcell eNational Team Selections closely were not forgotten either. Tomorrow’s matches will take place between 12:00 and 20:00. Turkish Football FederationIt will be broadcast live on the official YouTube and Twitch channels. If you want to follow these matches, you can visit TFF’s Twitch channel. herefor the YouTube channel here You can use the provided link.

Players who will represent Turkey eNational Team, December 2022 As of today, they will begin an exciting process. So much so that the qualifiers for the virtual World Cup held in July 2023 will officially begin. If we can succeed in the process that will continue until March 2023, eMilli players big championship we can see in scope.

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