The Godfather Returns in Honor of its 50th Anniversary [Video]

The Godfather, one of the most special productions of the cinema world, will be re-released in honor of the 50th anniversary of its first publication. The series, which will be published as a special compilation, will be watched in 4K resolution this time. On March 22, the entirety of The Godfather will be released digitally in 4K resolution.

If asked the best productions in the history of cinema, probably many people The Godfather mentions the series. It is. Because The Godfather, who entered our lives for the first time in the 1970s, has not been forgotten even though years have passed. Now, there has been a very important development regarding this legend. The Godfather, first published It will be re-released in honor of its 50th anniversary.. Also, moviegoers will have the opportunity to watch this legendary production in 4K resolution.

According to the statements made by Paramount Pictures, the 50th anniversary special production, sitting in the director’s chair in the original series. Francis Ford CoppolaCreated under the control of . The team, which carried out a very detailed study, worked on the sound as well as the image. However, this does not mean that the sound has been completely changed. The film crew, in order to provide the best experience to the audience, used original sound recordings and new versions together.

The Godfather in 4K resolution will be released on February 25

The Godfather special episode adapted to today’s technologies, It will be released on February 25. Unfortunately, this special screening will only be available to viewers in the USA. However, there are different feelings about this. According to industry sources, moviegoers from all over the world will have the opportunity to watch this movie in suitable movie theaters. Although there is a definite date for the USA, such a date is not available for other countries. On the other hand, the entire The Godfather series in 4K resolution, It will be released digitally on March 22.

Francis Ford Coppola made some statements about The Godfather, which was created specifically for the 50th anniversary. The legend of The Godfather is not only for himself, but for the whole cinema world. telling you that you are special The director stated that he was happy to undertake such a work in the 50th anniversary of the legend. The 50th anniversary episode, according to Coppola, is The Godfather’s brand new fans will make it win.

Trailer for The Godfather 50 Years

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