The founder of Monster Notebook founded the independent game studio Semruk Games

It started its activities by completing the establishment procedures last October. Semruk Gamesis preparing to become one of the most ambitious players of the ecosystem. The studio, founded by Monster Notebook Founder and CEO İlhan Yılmaz, set out with the goal of becoming an international game company that opens up to the world from Turkey.

Strong entry into the game ecosystem from indie game studio Semruk Games

The studio, which started out with a team of approximately 20 people, takes its name from Semruk, a double-headed raptor that is identified with concepts such as strong, durable and strong in various mythologies. The studio, which started its game development processes with mobile games, plans to produce PC and console games in the future.

Statement on the subject Ilhan Yilmaz“We believe that a phenomenon from life, such as a game, that takes its source from very basic human structures, has the potential to turn human issues into a good one. It is a known fact that every game that has a deep and meaningful story at its core attracts attention and reaches more players.

Monster Notebook changed its name abroad: Here is the new name!

Monster Notebook changed its name abroad: Here is the new name!

Monster Notebook, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to gaming computers, changed its name to Tulpar.

As Semruk Games, we consider the transformative power of the game as an opportunity to shape the future. The fact that games have a high impact power provides a unique opportunity for the stories we want to tell to reach large audiences. We completed the establishment phase of our studio last October, and we believe that we will grow in time and achieve very successful works on this path we set out with our competent team in the field.”

Semruk Games Executive Producer Kayra Keri Küpçü He used the following statements on the subject:

“The game industry is now a sector that attracts the attention of investors with its rapid growth, which includes male and female users of all ages, from all socio-economic groups, from 7 to 70. As Semruk Games, we are a passionate team that came together to make a meaningful contribution to this growth by producing games that appeal to everyone.

We aim to turn this passion into a success that will make an impression in the international ecosystem with the games we will produce for the mobile platform in the first place, and PC and console games in the future. We would like to see friends with us who want to walk with us on our journey to become a great game studio from Turkey and closely follow the innovations and developments in the game world”

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