The First Turkish Trailer of Cars on the Road Has Been Released

The first Turkish trailer of the animated series “Cars on the Road”, which will tell the adventures of Şimşek McQueen and Mater, the beloved characters of the Cars series, has been released.

With the knowledge that a new movie will not come after the Cars trilogy, many animation lovers love Lightning McQueen, who they grew up with, and their best friend Mater. want to see more had stated. Disney, on the other hand, did not remain silent on this call and announced the short animated series called Cars on the Road.

Today, at last Cars on the Road The first Turkish trailer was released. Another striking detail in the trailer is Yekta Kopan’s portrayal of Şimşek McQueen. it wasn’t vocal.

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Here is the first Turkish trailer of Cars on the Road

As we understand from the trailer, the animated series begins with Mater leaving for his sister’s wedding and Lightning McQueen accompanying him. It will last 9 episodes In this short but fun adventure, the two of us will constantly get into trouble.

It was noteworthy that Yekta Kopan did not voice Şimşek McQueen in the trailer. In a statement he made later, Kopan said that he was not himself in the trailer for some reason, but that he played Lightning McQueen throughout the series. you will voice had explained. After the death of Osman Gidişoğlu, who voiced Mater, another artist is voicing Mater.


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Cars on the Road, September 8 only on the Disney+ platform will be published.

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