The First Trailer of Yeni Behzat Ç. Has Been Released! [Video]

The first promotional trailer of the new production of Behzat Ç., which was announced to return to the screens in the past days, was shared today. It has also been officially announced that the series will be broadcast on BluTV.

Behzat Ç., one of the most beloved productions in the history of Turkish television, was controversially canceled after its first seasons and returned years later. But the return of Behzat Ç. also caused new discussions, so the new production of the series said goodbye to the screens.

Recently, Behzat Ç.’s Behzat, Erdal Beşikçioğlu, shared an exciting post. that Behzat Ç. is back officially announced. Moreover, it was stated in this post that the series would return with the full cast. After this announcement, the new production of the series was eagerly awaited, while the first trailer from the series was shared today.

New Behzat C. trailer:

The new production, whose broadcast platform has not been announced until today, has gained this detail with the new trailer released. BluTV, shared the trailer of Behzat Ç.’s new production in his social media account. of the ‘The Hammer and the Rose: A Behzat Ç. StoryIt was shared that it will be published under the name ‘.

Behzat C. In the trailer, Behzat is heard saying:

“This is Angara la. An inside out. It’s not his fault, he says a lot. You shout, why is this city so dark? No one hears you here. But know that if no one hears, we will. Now you will say, where have you been until now? Hey, you’re right. These are the lone men of the murder. They were exiled, they returned.”

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