The first screenshot of the GTA 6 game may be hidden in Trilogy!

GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, which debuted last week extremely negative Gathering reactions, he made his name in Rockstar history as a disaster. Although Rockstar Games apologizes for the game and tries to fix the bugs, this remaster will remain a disaster in most of our minds. But a nice detail about this new trilogy may have emerged. According to rumors GTA 6 first of the game screenshot, hidden in the game.

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Are these images from GTA Trilogy a screenshot from the game GTA 6?

A screenshot shared on the GTA forums ignited the necessary spark to get GTA fans excited. There is a house in the picture on a wall in the San Andreas game of GTA Trilogy. The reason why this house is thought to be from GTA 6 is because it is of high quality. So much so that it is thought not to be part of the graphical change of GTA Trilogy. The other situation that strengthens this possibility is that this house is not found in any GTA game.

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