The First Kebab Restaurant of the Metaverse World is in Bursa: Can’t Keep Up With Orders

The young kebab maker, who carried an exact copy of the restaurant he owned in real life in Bursa, to the metaverse, said that he could not keep up with the kebab orders from the virtual universe.

According to the news of Cumhuriyet, those who follow technology closely Ahmet Yahyazade 23-year-old young entrepreneur named after his father Kebab restaurant into the world of metaverse carried it. The kebab shop, who buys land in the metaverse in the same location as his real-life restaurant and builds an exact copy of the restaurant, is in the virtual world. to hundreds of people servicing.

Stating that they deliver the orders placed on Metaverse in real life, Yahyazadeexplained that they give free kebabs to their owners in real life according to the tokens collected by the avatars who visit the kebab shop in the virtual universe:

metaverse; In the virtual universe, a boutique restaurant was opened before, but it could not be continued. After our research, we saw that we are a kebab restaurant in the metaverse for the first time in the world. We bought our own crest from Metaverse. We made a nice drawing on it. On the drawing, we set up our workplace for our customers. We are currently able to deliver orders placed on the metaverse in real life. Those who visit our workplace and collect tokens on Metaverse can get some products from us for free in real life. We want to be known not only as a kebab shop, but also as a kebab shop that develops ourselves.

Yahyazade also the workplace in the virtual universe for 15 thousand liras He also stated that foreign tourists visit the kebab shop in the metaverse.

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