The first Apple Watch released in 1988 is up for auction!

One of the world’s largest technology companies apple, attracts attention with its frequent new products. However, this time, the company is on the agenda with an old-fashioned smartwatch. Nowadays, as technology advances day by day, even relatively old products have started to appear as antiques.

an auction house in the USA, The first Apple Watch so-called 1988 He sold a product from which is quite rare Seiko WristMac has already managed to excite collectors. Here are the details…

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33-year-old Seiko WraistMac auction

Seiko WristMac, 1988 in one Macintosh Released as an accessory. The watch can be connected to Apple computers and is used to store phone numbers. AppleTalkcould use . It also had the ability to set daily, weekly or one-time alarms.

This rare item is up for auction with its box. It hasn’t been sold for over 30 years, since it was put on the market in 1988. The box has been opened and the product has only slight wear from the pressure it has been subjected to over the years. Despite this, it managed to preserve its color.

Next to an unfilled registration card and a few other documents, the box contains the official WristMac containing the software 1.2 floppy disk and includes a holder to keep the watch stable when attached to a computer. This rare item is for collectors, investors and apple While it’s a great opportunity for fans, if they miss it, it will take years for the next WristMac to appear.

August 28, 1991 in the year, Space Shuttle AtlantisThe astronauts on Earth sent the first email. in spacecraft Macintosh Portable and Apple Link compatible with software WristMac They used clocks. This was the event that brought the product to fame at the time.

Auction, a comic book brand Comic Connect organized by. Registration card, reference guide, software diskette, packaging, and an unopened document with serial number 70216. Seiko WristMac The box containing it is up for auction. The online auction will start at $1 and December 18It will continue until . Comic Connect CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Fishlersays that they cannot predict the sales price that the product will reach because there is no recent sales record.

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