The fire of rebellion grows in the Apple factory: Step back from the factory!

Apple, which is at the top of the smartphone world with its iPhone series, has directed a significant part of its production line to the Foxconn factory. However, the factory in China has been facing major problems recently.

Foxconn apologizes and offers employees $1400

Foxconn, which has been quarantined many times in recent years with the effect of the coronavirus, has negatively affected Apple behind the scenes. Due to the “zero tolerance for coronavirus” policy implemented by China, many Chinese factories experienced similar problems in this process. However, the situation is different at Foxconn lately.

In the past days, the protest initiative of the workers at the Foxconn factory was on the agenda of the whole world. So much so that the incoming images also revealed the assault attempts against the workers. Thinking that his image was tarnished after what happened, Foxconn conveyed its apology to its employees. In the same text, he promised a $1400 bonus if they left the ptorestos.

What happened at Foxconn?

Apple wants to gradually reduce its commitment to China, with the effect of the supply chain it has experienced in recent years. According to the long-running project, Foxconn will regularly reduce production. However, production was stopped last month due to the coronavirus. As such, the production of the iPhone 14 series was interrupted again. Thereupon, Apple instructed Foxconn to turn to the Pro models, which attracted great interest, instead of the standard models that received little attention.

Good news from Foxconn to Apple!

Good news from Foxconn to Apple!

Happy news came from its supplier, Foxconn, to Apple, which has had a difficult time recently due to the coronavirus cases in China.

However, the problems did not end there. Wanting to close the gap, the factory asked workers to stay on the production line before the holiday season. However, employees reacted to this mandatory situation. Foxconn faced protests when the company did not take a step back in the face of the backlash. The factory requires intensive work during the holiday period. So much so that in this case, employees have to work day and night in the factory without going home.

The dose of protests increased gradually. So much so that the workers faced the police many times. According to the information received, the security guards of the factory caught and brutally beat the employees who wanted to escape from the dormitory. Against the ongoing protests, Foxconn offered a proposal with an apology. All eyes turned to the workers.

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