The Famous Billionaire Who Called People to Buy Bitcoin Turned Out to Sell BTC!

According to the Financial Times (FT) report Bitcoin (BTC) famous billionaire supporter Peter Thiel’venture capital firm that is a partner of Founders Fund He sold the Bitcoins in his portfolio.

The San Francisco-based Founders Fund, which made its first investment in Bitcoin in 2014, continued to increase its BTC investment over the years.

However, the fund sold almost all of its nearly eight years of Bitcoin investment in 2022, shortly before the crypto markets began to crash.

Founders Fund earned about $1.8 billion from the BTC sale.

Same time PayPalAbout two-thirds of the total investment of the Founders Fund, which is a partner of Peter Thiel, the founder of BTC People close to the fund, who stated that it was used to purchase the fund, told the FT that the vast majority of its crypto portfolio had been sold by the end of March 2022.

Resources Founders Fund now to cryptocurrencies He added that there was no significant exposure.

FT, Peter Thiel’s April 2022 event in Miami bitcoin Referring to his speech at the conference, he stated that Thiel said that he was optimistic about Bitcoin even though he had already disposed of his BTCs during this conference.

Also the famous billionaire JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and BlackRock boss Larry Finkmade to “that they should dedicate some of their money to Bitcoin” recalled his call.

While Peter Thiel makes optimistic speeches about Bitcoin, he BTCHe never mentioned that the fund he was a partner in was selling the BTCs he held.

BitocinWhen we look at the historical price chart of Bitcoin, we see that Bitcoin has dropped from its all-time high of $ 69,000 in November 2021 to about $ 45,000, a decrease of about 34% at the beginning of March 2022.

*Not investment advice.

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