The expected increase in the price of the iPhone 13 in Turkey is on the consumers’ agenda!

The dollar exchange rate, which has been on the rise in the last week in Turkey, had a great impact in the technology sector. Companies that supply from abroad, bring the device they brought to our country. exchange rate at that time they’re getting over it. For example, if the period in which the X branded smartphone, limited to 1000 pieces, passes through customs, is 7 TL, the price and taxation of that phone in Turkey is calculated from 7 TL.

When the Turkish Lira depreciated rapidly due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate; consumers naturally think that the product will rise to exorbitant prices. even if they don’t have an urgent need they started buying it. Apple, which has not made price changes for a long time, stopped its sales in Turkey, especially the iPhone 13, on Tuesday, November 23.

Announcement of order cancellation from Apple Turkey!

After Apple Turkey stopped all product sales, the possibility of order cancellations began to frighten users. Reply from Apple.

iPhone 13 Turkey price may reach 40 thousand TL

The iPhone 13 series, which Apple introduced in September and put on sale in Turkey on October 1, was already expensive. Mini model with 128GB storage option from 10.999 TL The 1TB Pro Max version of the iPhone 13, which started From 22.999 TL went on sale. Due to the high prices, the ‘we will not be able to buy the iPhone 13’ mood, which is already present in people, was exhilarated with the expectations of the hike.

Considering Apple’s current pricing and subsidy policies and the dollar rate of 13,527 TL, iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB Turkey price It can be close to 40 thousand TL is estimated. On the other hand, while it is not yet clear how much the increased price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be; Retailers on many shopping sites have already changed the list price of the product up to approximately 38 thousand TL.

So what do users say about this situation? Here are the comments we compiled from social media…

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