The expected feature with iOS 15 is back!

apple, today new devices and iOS 15 will introduce the version! Leaks began to come, just hours before the event, which Apple users and fans were eagerly awaiting. in the past weeks iPhone 13 Various claims were made regarding the colors of the series. The most striking were the orange and pink color options. However, none of the claims put forward so far have, of course, gained certainty.

Finally, a screenshot published today, iOS 15 It sheds light on a possible feature that may come with

Stop buying iPhone! iPhone 13 will change everything!

There are only a few hours left until the Apple Event where we will see the iPhone 13 family. So what should those who want to buy a new iPhone do?

Battery percentage coming with iOS 15?

According to the new claim, iOS 15 with iPhone A feature that users have been waiting for is at the door. But it is worth emphasizing that this is just a claim. Accordingly, with the new version battery percentage will appear. The battery percentage feature is available on iPhone devices, but not on notched models.

iOS 15 brings battery percentage feature
The screen shot shows the battery percentage.

We see that the text in the screenshot is in Italian. Let us repeat that there is no certainty on this matter. because the end In iOS 15 beta this feature was not available. Hence the battery percentage feature golden master may be included in the version. We will find out the truth in the future.

For now, the current leaks on this subject are limited to this. But it will happen today with the launch There is a high probability that new information will emerge in this regard. We are curious about your opinion on this subject, you can leave your comment…