The Expected End in Hecoin Event! Cryptocurrency Vaporized!

Increasing investor interest in crypto money markets does not go unnoticed by fraudsters. Fraudsters who want to turn this into an opportunity, take advantage of the ignorance of investors and their dreams of getting rich in a short time, making big profits.

The expected day has come in the project called Hecoin, which has occupied the agenda of the Turkish crypto community in the past months. The project, which pre-sells through its own app, announced that these funds will remain locked until November 22 and will open for sale today.

The coin, which is not listed on any exchange and can only be traded through its own application, fell by 622881% shortly before the locks were opened.

While the user’s money, who invested an average of $100 in the pre-sale, dropped to $0.50, people voiced their reproaches on social media.

Investors, who claimed that they were defrauded, stated that they would continue to seek their rights before the law, and they also reacted to the phenomena that advertised the project without researching it.

What Happened?

Although the project claimed to be of US origin, it was claimed that the owners of the project were Turkish and the project was prepared only for sale to Turks. The fact that the investor groups of the project and the audience in the social media accounts consisted of only Turkish investors caused some questions and the phenomena that advertised the project were criticized.

It is also claimed that the project has advertised to influencers for only $ 250.

*Not Investment Advice.

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