The exclusive Xbox app store for iPhone is coming!

The European Union is preparing to pass a law in 2024 that closely concerns Apple. Pursuant to the new law, iPhone users will no longer have to apply to the App Store, while third-party applications will also be opened. Microsoft, which is following this issue closely, has already started working on this issue.

Xbox will offer its own app store independent of the App Store

Xbox, which has an important place in the game console and online game industry under the umbrella of Microsoft, aims to offer its users access to games from all devices. In line with this goal, Microsoft, which wants to provide the Xbox experience on mobile devices, continues its breakthroughs.

One of the biggest obstacles to Microsoft, which wants to make the Xbox ecosystem available on all devices, has so far been the App Store. The company, which wants to offer its own independent game services on iPhone and iPad models, plans to do so in the near future, with the EU’s decision.

The feature on Xbox but not on PlayStation is finally coming!

The feature on Xbox but not on PlayStation is finally coming!

Sony will release a new PlayStation 5 DualSense update. The brand will fix the big problem of DualSense controllers with the update.

Suggesting that smartphones are the platform where people play the most games at the moment, Microsoft Gaming President Phil Spencer stated that they want to adapt Xbox and Game Pass applications to mobile devices. Spencer thinks they can handle this easily.

Microsoft, which has performed poorly on the mobile gaming side so far, has taken an important step in this direction by purchasing Activision Blizzard. By incorporating the giant game company, the company also took control of games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Diablo Immortal and Candy Crush Saga. These popular games are thought to be critical for iPhone users to point them to the Xbox app store.

xbox gamepad

Microsoft and Apple have been in communication for a long time about offering a special service on iOS devices. Apple’s policies require each game to be listed separately on the App Store, while Microsoft wants to offer its Xbox Cloud Gaming service as a web-based app for iPhone and iPad users.

It seems that with the new decision taken by the European Union, this goal of Microsoft will be realized in the near future. So what do you think about using Xbox ecosystem games on iOS devices? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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