The EU is defying China! $46 billion chip investment

The European Union, one of the biggest technological crises of recent years, semiconductor chip supply tackles the problem. According to the latest agreement signed at the European Commission, 27 countries are offered to finance chip production. 46.6 billion dollars investment to do.

EU allocates $46.6 billion in financing for chip crisis

According to the latest news in Reuters, the European Union, USA and China semiconductor chip He wants to reduce his addiction. The investment of 46.6 billion dollars to be made in 27 European countries passed the approval of the European Commission the other day.

The law is expected to be passed with a vote on 1 December. Ministers from 27 countries want to solve the global chip shortage and supply chain problem. The $46 billion investment is expected to impact the automakers, healthcare and telecom industries.

Samsung finally solves the chip crisis!

Samsung finally solves the chip crisis!

While Samsung is making calculations to eliminate the chip crisis and reduce costs, it also intends to take away some of TSMC’s customers.

The European continent, which had a share of 24 percent in chip production in 2000, produces only 8 percent today. Within the scope of this financing, the EU aims to create 20 percent of the global chip capacity of the European continent by 2030.

The EU also stated that it will request a certain amount of information from the companies to be financed. Stating that the production process should be safety-oriented, the European Commission will not allow the company’s powers to be “unlimited”.

The ongoing chip crisis all over the world has negatively affected the production of phones, tablets, cars and many other electronics. We have seen that countries and companies that do not want to face the problems experienced again make record investments.

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