The easiest way to start e-commerce!

We talked with Ticimax, one of the well-known solutions in Turkey, which mainly provides e-commerce software, special e-commerce solutions and design services, on many issues from entering e-commerce to the future of this field.

What conveniences does Ticimax provide in e-commerce?

If you wish, let’s leave you alone with our video without further ado. Enjoy watching.

To reach Ticimax:

With its many years of experience, Ticimax brings e-commerce to you and offers a way to simplify this transition process. By creating awareness of your brand, it is really easy to direct product sales from the internet with the advantages and infrastructure features provided by Ticimax.

Ticimax provides e-commerce infrastructure services to over 10,000 companies, including Turkey’s largest e-commerce sites. With its developed strong infrastructure, it offers its users the opportunity to make sales not only in Turkey but throughout the world.

In addition, there are trainings for e-commerce entrepreneurs on the platform. Ticimax not only sells e-commerce software, but also organizes more than 300 e-commerce conferences, seminars and thousands of trainings in more than 50 provinces in Turkey in order to contribute to the e-commerce sector and continues to do so at full speed.

In addition to giving entrepreneurship and e-commerce courses at universities, he played an active role in directing many individuals and institutions to e-commerce by providing free e-commerce and digital marketing trainings to individuals and institutions who want to do e-commerce.

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