The Design of Google Mobile App is Changing

Google is starting to replace its mobile app’s interface with the Material You design. The new design showed itself in the beta version of the application.

The new Material You design, introduced by Google in 2021, has begun to reflect on most of the company and applications on the Android operating system. Finally, Google mobile app in is updating.

Google app with latest update Material You It has an interface that bears its design. Small but combined experience-changing design changes have been made to the app.

Here is the new Google app:

  • Left: Current design, Right: Material You

The biggest visible changes in the application are in the submenu, which represents the page you are on. battery-shaped blue box it happened. Apart from that, the texts and categories in the Settings tab of the application have become more visually distinguishable from each other.

Another big change was found in the Settings tab again. Google specifically It will delight users with AMOLED screen thus completely covering the design with a black background.

Material You design, Google app in the last beta version (14.4) became available. The design is expected to be released for all users in the coming days.


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