The decision that affected 25 million people! The car insurance system is changing

There are 25 million vehicles registered in traffic in Turkey. Most of them are passenger cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Today, a decision has been taken that will directly affect all of them. The traffic insurance system has changed. Here is the new arrangement…

The traffic insurance system is changing! Minor accidents can be costly

After the meeting held today by the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency, the chairman of the association, Mehmet Akif Eroğlu, announced that the system will change in the current traffic insurance policies.

The traffic insurance system currently in use consists of 7 steps. According to the rule, when citizens who buy new vehicles make their compulsory insurance, they enter the system from the 4th step. As a result of having an accident or penalty points on the driver’s license, they make an insurance payment with a premium increase of 50 to 150 percent by decreasing 3>2>1.

Bad news for car owners!  Record hike in insurance prices

Bad news for car owners! Record hike in insurance prices

Car insurance prices, which increased by 230 percent in a one-year period, caused the preferences of drivers to change drastically.

Of course, there is also a reward system for the opposite situation. For example, every year spent without an accident or without a traffic fine on the driver’s license, they get a no-claim discount of 15% to 45% by climbing the steps as 5>6>7. Of course, if they have an accident, they are faced with a premium increase again.

According to the statement made today, 2 new levels will be brought to this system, which currently consists of 7 steps. So there will be 9 levels in total. The first of these will be a 200 percent premium increase, which will be applied as a result of 4 consecutive accidents, and the other will be a 50 percent no-claim discount for 4 consecutive years of accident-free and impunity use.

You can see the details in the table below.

Year Step Current no-claim discount –
Premium increase rate
Year New no-claim discount –
Premium increase rate
9. Digit 5 50 percent No Claim Discount
Step 8 4 45 percent No Claim Discount
4 Step 7 45 percent No Claim Discount 3 30% No Claim Discount
3 Step 6 30% No Claim Discount 2 15% No Claim Discount
2 Step 5 15% No Claim Discount one Beginning
one Step 4 Beginning 2 50 Percent Premium Increase
2 Step 3 50 Percent Premium Increase 3 100% Premium Increase
3 Step 2 100% Premium Increase 4 150 Percent Premium Increase
4 Step 1 150 Percent Premium Increase 5 200 Percent Premium Increase

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