The Day Before Charged with Fraud

The Day Before, which has created a great expectation since the day it was announced, is on the agenda with a striking claim. While it was claimed that the developer of the game was a fraud, a statement came from the developer team about the allegations.

In a post-apocalyptic world with a zombie epidemic, we will try to survive with or against other players. The Day Beforehas been on the agenda with big claims lately.

The Day Before, which has become one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, by fraud was accused.

The claim that the game might not be real actually existed from the very beginning:

Many games, previously announced by independent developers with great promises, evaporated after collecting big money with crowdfunding. In fact, The Day Before was seen by some as one of these games since its early days.

This expectation grew even more with the announcement made at the beginning of the week. The game’s release was delayed from March 2023 to November 2023, and it was shared that the gameplay video was also delayed. Moreover, the reason It was the naming rights of the game.

The reasoning surprised everyone:

the day before

The developer of the game has just discovered that the naming rights of the game belong to a different person / organization. Therefore, this development strengthened the opinions of the players that the game might be a scam.

The game’s Steam page is down:

While The Day Before did not fall off the agenda after the news of the postponement, there was also a development on the Steam side. The game’s Steam page has been closed. Steam did not share a statement on the subject.

The claim that the producer of the game has closed the communication channels:

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