The Date That Will Change the Fate of the 202 Quadrillion Burned Meme Coin Has Been Determined

BabyDoge Coin burns have gained momentum in recent weeks. As the development team discovered new ways to burn BabyDoge, so did the number of meme coins removed from circulation daily. Despite heavy burning activities in the past, the team still does not give up on its efforts to reduce the supply.

The team behind the crypto money project made a statement yesterday. in sharing announced that it has burnt approximately $353 million worth of BabyDoge tokens so far. According to data added to the tweet, the team has removed a total of 202,150,400,072,740,192 (202.15 quadrillion) tokens from circulation since the burning campaign began. The value of the tokens burned when the tweet was published was $352,810,074 ($352.8 million). In addition to these, as we have announced, in a remarkable development, we have announced the launch date of BabyDoge’s special burning portal. announced. The BabyDoge team said that the highly anticipated burning portal will go live on February 13. This portal is expected to increase the number of tokens burned. A different burning method will be applied through the portal in question. Accordingly, users who burn meme coins will be able to purchase BabyDoges for a lower fee.

Interestingly, BabyDoge is leading other cryptocurrency projects in terms of token burning events. Cryptocurrency analytics platform HC Capital named BabyDoge the number one crypto project with the highest burn rate in October. This month, the team removed $1 million worth of BabyDoge tokens from circulation in a single transaction.

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Source : the crypto basic

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