The Dark Story Behind Japan’s 0% Homelessness Rate

While Japan plays a leading role in many areas on the world stage, it stands out with its homelessness rate of almost 0%. The truth behind what seems like an incredible success is much darker.

which has become a source of pride for Japan in the global arena. Homelessness rate close to 0%, It amazes everyone at first glance. However, this situation tells a different story when we examine the country’s social structure and social norms more closely.

In a society where homelessness is almost ignored, thousands of people actually live invisible lives. The pain appears as reality.

According to official statistics, approximately 3,000 homeless people live in Japan, which has a population of more than 125 million.

This means that the population is approximately corresponds to 0.003% This rate is much lower than other countries with low homelessness rates, such as Switzerland, and is far ahead of countries such as the USA.


Why Are There So Many Homeless People in America Despite Having the World’s Largest Economy?

But why exactly? This extremely low rate There are several reasons that are frequently mentioned as the reason.

Being homeless in Japan is more than just a financial problem…

homeless japanese people

Homeless individuals; generally undeserving of help from society, people who are personally responsible for their own situation is seen as. This causes homeless people to experience great embarrassment even when seeking help.

in public spaces begging is prohibited, The homeless people’s avoidance of being visible and the hostile architectural policies of the cities towards the homeless lead to the complete erasure of the homeless from society.

japan bank

As a result, authorities tend to make being homeless more difficult than in most countries. For example, so that homeless people cannot sleep there Parks locked at night is available.

It is also used to deter homeless people from staying in the area. making sitting uncomfortable for long periods of time There are even specially designed benches.

Thus, they make being homeless both difficult and socially unacceptable.

homeless japanese person

Anything other than alcohol in Japan very strict laws/penalties regarding drugs there is. As a result, only 1.6% of the Japanese population uses drugs other than alcohol in their lifetime, compared to 46% of Americans. So in short, in Japan there is almost no drug addicted person It is not available.

Also in Japan very strong health system There is, which is an important factor because 30-35% of people who experience homelessness in the United States have a mental illness.

It should also be noted that Japan has relatively affordable housing because it builds more housing than other developed democratic countries.


Unlike most western countries, where it has become increasingly difficult to build housing due to various regulations, Japan has taken the opposite path, imposing very few restrictions. making it easy to build anything made it affordable.

All of this sounds great, right? Despite official figures the truth is much worse and there are a significant number of people without homes. But these are hidden away from view and from government statistics.

So, you may ask, how is this possible? Japan in the 1990s as stock and real estate markets collapsed serious economic crisis lived.

Finding a regular job with a reasonable wage has become extremely difficult and millions of people, had to survive on low-paying temporary part-time jobs.

Many never recovered and became known as Japan’s lost generation.

Homeless Japanese man sleeping in internet cafe

People who have no status, no place in society and no future are relatively can’t afford an apartment even in affordable Japan and couldn’t pay rent every month.

They also do everything to avoid living on the streets to avoid the shame and stigma from society. Like this cyber homeless phenomenon appeared…

Those people usually in internet cafes, They live temporarily in 24-hour public venues and go to great lengths to maintain a socially acceptable appearance.

From here we can understand that Japan’s official statistics on homelessness do not reflect the real situation.

by many countries What is considered a “success story” As if he wasn’t that innocent after all? We will be waiting for your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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