The Danger of Stupid People in Society

“We should fear stupid (ignorant) people more than we fear bad people.” says Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The German Lutheran theologian, always anti-Nazi since the Nazis came to power in 1933, was an intellectual who personally experienced the evil of stupidity in society.

In Hitler’s time, provoked supporters throw stones at dissidents, At a time when women were brutally humiliated in public, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a young pastor, began speaking publicly against the polarization produced by the regime. He wanted to put a stop to this polarization.

After years of struggling for this, Bonhoeffer came to his house one evening and his father told him that two policemen were waiting in his room to take him away. bonhoeffer, was imprisoned. During his time here, He questioned how the people in his country became this way. His conclusion was that at the root of the problem was “stupidity”, not evil.

Bonhoeffer wrote while in prison that it is possible to revolt against evil, but there is little that can be done against stupidity.

In his letter, he addressed the issue with the following sentences:

a stupid person contradicting their preconceptions any reality is simply rejected and pushed aside if it cannot be disproved. It is considered trivial or accidental. In all these situations, the stupid person who is contented and easily angered is more than enough to attack. presents danger.

This is exactly why arguing with a stupid person is more tiring than arguing with a bad person. If we want to prevail against stupidity, we must first We must understand the nature of stupidity.


It’s definitely stupid not a mental deficiency It is a quality in itself, a spiritual thing. There are people who are smart but stupid. There are some who are a bit obtuse mentally, but not at all stupid.

The impression we get is that stupidity is not an inborn deficiency. On the contrary, in some cases People are deliberately made stupid. People even allow themselves to be made stupid.


People who do not belong to a group exhibit this deficiency much less than people who live in the group. This also shows that Stupidity is a sociological problem, not a psychological one.

It is for this reason that both political and religious views are among the fools. It can spread easily like a virus. The power of the chief needs the stupidity of the others, almost as if there were some sociological, psychological law.


The process referred to here is not the failure of certain human capacities such as intelligence; on the contrary, under the dizzying influence of a rising power It is the deprivation of people of their inner independence.

There is a tremendous correlation between idiots and dictators, both need each other. As the dictator increases his power, the fools fall under its spell and seize their ability to think independently. They act autonomously. They stubbornly reject the facts that are put in their eyes.

When talking to them, one is not as if talking to a person, but rather with slogans that took him under control He feels like he’s talking. Bewitched, blinded, abused and even abused. Like this stupid people who become tools that can’t think, They become vulnerable to all kinds of abuse, even though they cannot see that it is bad.


Not recommendations, only and only emancipation can overcome stupidity. Here we have to face the reality; A true inner salvation is possible only when there is an outer salvation that precedes it. Until that time We should stop trying to persuade a stupid person.

Bonhoeffer was executed on April 9, 1945, for participating in an assassination of Adolf Hitler.


In the concentration camp, American soldiers liberated the camp. just two weeks ago was executed.

Bonhoeffer says: Action; It arises not from a thought, but from a state of taking responsibility. The greatest test of a moral society is the world they will leave to their children.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Bonhoeffer’s “Theory of Stupidity” tells us, in a nutshell, that good people can unite and win the war against bad characters like in the movies, but stupidity is a completely different issue. We generally underestimate stupidity compared to evil. Whereas Stupidity is easily manipulated by evil, so it is far more dangerous than evil.

When the stupidity of society is reduced to a minimum, statues of intellectuals they imprisoned are erected, not statues of dictators. One day…


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