The Crypto Community Doesn’t Say These 10 Coins!

Cryptocurrency While the market left behind an active week, the big rises in the altcoin world were among the most talked about topics. As a matter of fact, the markets closed the week on a generally positive side, giving investors hopes. Crypto communities on social media talked about these 10 crypto assets throughout 2022.

ICO Analytics Announces Crypto Statistics

Blockchain and cryptocurrency analytics firm ICO Analytics has released data on the top 10 most discussed cryptos of December 2022.

According to the data, Ethereum became the most discussed cryptocurrency in the world, with 16.5% mentions by the community on social media. Solana is second with 12.3%, probably due to the dramatic price drop last month.

bitcoin It ranks third with 6.5%, and its social media dominance has dropped significantly. The fact that the price of BTC almost did not rise in 2022 caused investors to turn to other cryptos.

Leading meme coins Shiba Inu and Dogecoin ranked 8th and 9th with 3% and 2.8% mentions, respectively. Considering that the two meme coins have been on the top 5 list for about six months, it can be interpreted as a relatively drastic drop. As we reported as, both Shiba Inu and Dogecoin failed to meet price expectations and their social media dominance decreased.

Crypto interest Dogecoin

in 2021 dogecoin and the Shiba Inu had become overwhelming social media assets, but in 2022, things turned around. If meme coins fail to live up to expectations in 2023, their collective hype could fade and other tokens could become the center of attention.

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