The countdown has begun for the 2021 Spreading Knowledge Awards

First on the agenda in May 2017 Dissemination of Knowledge AwardsIn the last 4 years, it continues to work by strengthening its structure to become Turkey’s prestigious academic award. Receiving qualified applications from all regions of Turkey Turkey’s Academy Awardswill find their owners with a ceremony in December.

A total of 5 thousand 21 people entered the system during the application process of the Spreading Knowledge Awards 2021, which started on May 20, 2021 and continued until July 31, 2021. Among these, a total of 1,111 applications were made, 428 women and 683 men, from 159 universities and 34 other institutions and organizations. In the main types of works received from 1,111 applications made this year; Experimental Research, Thesis, Book, Article, Patent, Application and Product development took place.

Spreading Knowledge Academy Awards press conference completed

A press conference was held at Beşiktaş Four Seasons Hotel for the 2021 Science Spreading Academy Awards for the press conference held at Beşiktaş Four Seasons Hotel. to the ceremony Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan, President of the Academic Advisory Board of the Science Dissemination Foundation, Yusuf Tülün, President of the Science Dissemination Society, President of the Academic Advisory Board of the Science Dissemination Foundation, Prof. Dr. İdris Sarısoy and the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and representatives of the sponsors who supported the ceremony.

Turkcell, Hayat, Tosyalı Holding and MNG Group of Companies are the main sponsors of the awards; ASELSAN, Aksa, Emlak Konut and Memorial became platinum sponsors. TKBB, Megasan, EVYAP and Torkam Holding were the gold sponsors. Demirören Media was the communication sponsor.

N. Bilal Erdoğan: We aim for the awards to reach an international dimension”

Speaking at the press conference of the Spreading Knowledge Academy Awards 2021 Necmettin Bilal Erdoğan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Science Spreading Foundation, He said that the awards will find their owners in December:

“We will hold the second of our knowledge dissemination awards on 19 December at Dolmabahçe Palace. There are many positive developments this year. Our expectation from you is that the success of these awards depends on the quality of the applications. We operate an evaluation criterion. We believe that we will deliver the awards to the right address. With each passing award, we are improving our algorithm even more. We want to be nominated and nominated for this award, and we want the world of academia to be explored more. Our aim is to encourage successful academic careers. When academic research is mentioned, not only engineering is understood, but also social sciences. Encouraging successful bright children in this field. It is important to introduce our award winners… We support our award-winning academics with awards.

The more research areas cost the public, the more their incentive quality is supported. Our work on its international repercussions continues. We are working for these awards to gain an international identity. We believe that it is a natural process and we hope that the 70-year tradition of spreading science in our international country will spread knowledge in the world. While establishing our science dissemination foundation, our science dissemination society, the foundation has assigned an international mission to the dissemination of knowledge within and outside the country. Hopefully, with the development of our awards moving to an international dimension, the mission of our foundation will be fully fulfilled.”

Yusuf Tülün: We contribute to the growth of our youth in education”

President of the Science Dissemination Society, Yusuf Tülün, stated that the society was founded in 1951 and said that it is an institution that provides shelter and scholarships to children who come from the heart of Anatolia and come to big cities for their education:

“Our works, which we continue with the understanding that our 70-year history is service to science, is now known to the public. We are trying to help our state in closing the deficiencies in the field of education. We spend our time focusing on our work, not dealing with anything other than our own field and our own work. As in the past, we are trying to contribute to the upbringing of our young people who are involved in every field of education. Since 1973, we have started to deal specifically with higher education students.

We have tried to provide opportunities for students studying in all faculties. We also continue to cooperate with universities. Today, we continue to serve education and training with 178 branches, 189 student dormitories and 67 education centers of the Science Spread Society in Turkey. We were very pleased with the interest in this year’s awards of the Dissemination of Knowledge Awards, the first of which was given in 2019. It is our greatest wish that these branded awards will motivate the entire academy community and enable the discovery of new ores on behalf of our country.”

prof. İdris Sarısoy: “There is an increase in female scientist applications”

İlim Yayma Academic Advisory Board President Prof. İdris Sarısoy expressed the following in his speech at the meeting:

“We started working with a team of 30 people in 2017. For 2 years, we examined what kind of studies are being carried out in this field in the world. We researched how he was doing this kind of work in the world. We have introduced a reward system,” he said. Explaining the difference between the science dissemination awards and similar ones, Sarısoy said, “In 2019, applications were received from 106 universities, 159 universities applied today. There are also employees in other institutions. Applications were received from 15 institutions in 2019 and from 34 institutions in 2021. We evaluated these results with a total of 125 scientists. Since 2019, there has been an increase in the rate of female scientist applications. While this rate was 22 percent in 2019, it has increased to 38 percent today. This is proud and hopeful.”

Those who are entitled to receive an award among the applications; will be announced at the award ceremony, which will be held with the participation of many distinguished names. At the ceremony to be held in December, the works that made it to the finals in a total of three categories will be rewarded with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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