The companies that offer the fastest internet in Turkey have been announced!

Speedtest, the most reliable company used to test internet speed in the world, has announced the list of companies offering the fastest internet in Turkey for the fourth quarter of 2022. Here’s the latest.

Which company offers the fastest internet in Turkey?

According to the tests performed and the table created by Speedtest TurkNet with 55.82 Mbpsbecame the company that offered the fastest download. Türksat Kablo with 37.27 Mbps, Turkcell with 37.16 Mbps, Vodafone with 24.84 and Türk Telekom with 24.25 Mbps took place in the ranking, respectively.

As for the delay times TurkNet with 13 ms was first on the list. Türk Telekom and Turksat Kablo came second and third with 20 ms delay time, Turkcell fourth with 21 ms and Vodafone fifth with 34 ms.

to households in Turkey minimum 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload The company that can offer the highest level of consistency in this field is still TurkNet with a rate of 78.5% it happened. The rest of the ranking was as follows: Turkcell with 61.5%, Turksat Kablo with 58.4%, Vodafone with 50.1%, Türk Telekom with 48.6%.

With these results, Turkey fell one place compared to the previous report and ranked in the general ranking. 106th place declined. across the country average download speed 31.70 Mbps while, 6.48 Mbps average upload and 9ms average latency values ​​were created.

Finally, the data of the company, which also explains the cities with the fastest download and upload speeds, are as follows:

  • Istanbul: 35.34 Mbps download – 6.96 Mbps upload – 15 ms
  • Ankara: 34.31 Mbps download – 5.91 Mbps upload – 16 ms
  • Izmir: 33.32 Mbps download – 6.94 Mbps upload – 23 ms
  • Adana: 28.30 Mbps download – 4.93 Mbps upload – 24 ms
  • Bursa: 26.31 Mbps download – 5.61 Mbps upload – 16 ms

Turkcell, the leader in mobile internet

When we look at mobile internet speeds for the same period, 52.78Mbps with download Turkcell declared the first. Türk Telekom with 28.94 Mbps and Vodafone with 16.28 Mbps ranked in the rest of the list.

According to the download and upload order of smartphone devices, 42.28 Mbps download and 14.57 Mbps upload with apple devices came first. The rest of the list is as follows:

With these results, Turkey fell 3 places in the general ranking compared to the previous report. 66th place declined. across the country average download speed of 31.26 Mbps while, 13.13 Mbps average upload and 24 ms average latency values ​​were created.

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