The Chancellor has forged a powerful tank alliance with US President Joe Biden.

Olaf Scholz on Tuesday in Berlin

The chancellor is responsible, not the opposition.

(Photo: IMAGO/Political Moments)

Shortly after the Ukraine Contact Group meeting in Ramstein, Timothy Garton-Ash taunted the Chancellor. The Oxford-teaching historian posted a nasty lexical entry on Twitter next to the picture of Olaf Scholz, in which he explained the word “scholz” with the following words: “Communicating good intentions just to use/find/to use every possible reason.” invent in order to invent or prevent the same”.

“Scholzen” has been over since Tuesday evening. If the media reports are correct, and there is little doubt about that, Scholz has decided, after months of debate, to deliver battle tanks to Ukraine. Not only that, the allies also seem to want to go along with it. The US will send main battle tanks. The chancellor has thus achieved a great success. He has forged an impressive tank alliance. A strong signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the necessary help for Ukraine in its fight for survival against the aggressor.

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Union faction leader Friedrich Merz now only has to accuse Scholz of being too hesitant. But it was worth waiting. It’s just better to coordinate with allies and request “escorts” from the US. The chancellor is responsible, not the opposition, nor Anton Hofreiter or Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. Since the reputation is not ruined, in the end Scholz is measured by the result. That’s something to be proud of.

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The Bundeswehr is supplying at least one company of Leopard 2A6s – i.e. 14 tanks. There is also a not inconsiderable number of American Abrams tanks. This is also a success for Scholz. The US had long refused. In addition, other allies also want to deliver Leopard 2 battle tanks. The federal government also wants to grant approval for the export of such tanks that are owned by other states such as Poland.

In retrospect, the hesitation was probably worth it

On Wednesday, Scholz will answer questions from MPs in the Bundestag. In the evening he goes on television and will explain his decision to the population. Many have claimed he should have done it much sooner. But from his point of view there was nothing to announce.

Now it is important that Scholz also takes with him the citizens who are skeptical about a delivery of heavy tanks because they fear a dramatic escalation of the war. In retrospect, Scholz’s hesitation was probably worth it. You believe him when he explains this difficult decision.

Scholz found it difficult to believe, while others couldn’t do it fast enough.

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