The Ceiling Price for Domestic Flights Has Been Increased

The ceiling price applied for one-way domestic flights was increased from 899 TL to 990 TL. This revealed that the price created as a result of the new increase has almost doubled since last year.

Recently, reasons such as the fluctuations in the exchange rate and the increase in oil prices have caused us to face price increases in many areas, especially in transportation. since 2013 In the ceiling price application applied in domestic flights has also increased recently.

The ceiling price within the scope of this application had increased from 500 TL to 600 TL towards the end of 2021. After that, another increase was made and the ceiling price increased to 700 TL. An increase was made in the past weeks and the ticket price applied for domestic flights was determined as 899 TL. Now, there has been a new development in this regard.

The ceiling price on domestic flights has been increased to 990 TL

According to the news, an increase was made in the ceiling price application covering domestic flights. The price, which was 899 TL before, has been increased once again. 990 TL’reached. This means that since the end of last year the price is almost has doubled revealed.


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In the statements made by the authorities earlier, exchange rates and oil prices It was stated that changes were required in the ceiling price application due to the increases. The increase made now has shown that the ceiling price that airline companies can set for one-way economy class air tickets on domestic flights will be 990 TL.

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