The Boys gave the good news to the players

Amazon Prime Videopopular TV series The Boys The happy news came from the actors of the series. It’s about a theme where superheroes are treated as villains. The Boyshas many fans around the world. Another Amazon production with the same theme invincible. Inspired by the comic book of the same name, The Boys and Invincible are based on the same theme. But the events in Invincible are a little different.

Productions that MGM will add to Amazon Prime Video

Amazon bought MGM last month. It was stated that the biggest reason behind this purchase was to increase Prime Video content.

Filming for The Boys season three is complete

The Boys He gave the signals that he will continue with the second season. But there was not much information about the course of the third season. The lead actors of the series have completed the shooting of the third season. Instagramannounced from. of the third season There is no information about when he will come, but it is good news that the shooting is over. Originally portrayed as Billy Butcher Karl Urban, celebrated the end of the third season shooting on his Instagram account.

Karl Urban“And finally The Boys season 3 is ready. “A huge thank you to the entire studio team, our teammates, our amazing cast, and everyone involved in Amazon Prime Video and SPTV production, for working so hard to protect us all from Covid.”

It will also appear for the first time in the third season. Jensen Ackles, in the series Soldier BoyIt animates. Soldier Boy appears in the comics captain AmericaIt came out as a parody of.

Jensen Ackles the announcement, “What is the universe trying to tell me?” made in the form.

Another protagonist of the series, Jack Quaid He said, “We did it, folks. Congratulations to everyone involved in Season 3 of The Boys. You all deserve a hug, a drink and loads of therapy after what we just did. This thumb is for you! This season is the best so far! I can’t wait for you to see it.”