The Bottom of the Last Year and a Half Has Been Seen in Crypto Money Funds

Cryptocurrency investment products around the world have hit the bottom of almost a year with the shrinkage experienced last week.

The products that allow investing in cryptocurrencies are clear in the past week. 39 million dollars shrunk.

The total value of cryptocurrencies held in these products as investors withdraw their funds from the funds $36 billion declined.

This is compared to the record number in November 2021. a 59 percent drop and Lowest number since February 2021 represents.

Products created for Bitcoin (BTC) are on their own, unlike the general table $28.2 million experienced growth. According to the CoinShares report, this means that investors “turning the low price into an opportunity” may show.

Ethereum (ETH) funds in the eleventh consecutive week has shrunk and net of these funds last week $69.9 million money is out.

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