The Big Bitcoin (BTC) Whale, Sleeping for Years, Awakens!

Leading cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC), After surging as high as $69,000, it failed to hold here and entered a slight downtrend. Although it lost the support of $ 60,000, BTC, which did not lose below the support of $ 56,000, is currently being bought and sold at $ 56,300. Despite this, bad news and bad developments continue to come one after another for Bitcoin. The most recent of these was a sleeping Bitcoin whale.

1,299 BTC Transferred

The Bitcoin whale, which has been inactive for almost 10 years, has become active again, and the presence of 1,299 BTC in this wallet increases the importance of the situation. According to the information conveyed by Whale Alert, the wallet holding 1,299 BTC and controlling $77 million took action after 8.1 years. In 2013, it was seen that there was only 199,000 dollars in this wallet, which actually shows that the gain in 8 years was at a record level.

Although it is not possible to predict exactly what the whale will do after such a high profit, selling may be a predominant choice. It was seen that all of the funds in the wallet were transferred to another wallet at once, and only $66 BTC remained in the wallet.

This move of $ 77 million was interpreted as a sale, and what was predicted may come true. Especially the fact that the end of 2021 is expected and a scenario similar to the one in 2017 is expected, may have pushed the whale to sell at the peak. Of course, all this is speculation and it seems that the funds are only in another wallet at the moment.

*Not Investment Advice.

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