The Best-Selling Second-Hand Car Models Announced

According to Indicata’s second-hand vehicle sales report, citizens preferred Volkswagen Passat the most in August. The report, which shows that Fiat Doblo is at the top in light commercial, reveals that the second-hand automotive market has shrunk compared to 2020.

Anadolu Agency, which carries out analysis and market monitoring studies in the second-hand automobile sector. indicata‘s data for August compiled. The compilation was made by citizens in August. Volkswagen Passat showed that he was interested in model vehicles. When we look at light commercials, we see that the Fiat Doblo comes to the fore.

“Indicata”Second Hand Online Market Report“According to the report, 140 thousand 608 second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles were sold last month. These figures reveal that there was a 37 percent decrease compared to the same period of the previous year. When we look at the first 8 months of the year, the second-hand vehicle market is in the past. compared to the year decreased by 23 percent. it’s understandable.

Volkswagen is the brand and Passat is in the first place as a model.

According to the analyzed report, Volkswagen vehicles were in demand the most in August. In this context 20,822 second-hand VolkswagensSold in August. This brand with 17 thousand 292 second hand sales Renaultwith 13 thousand 511 second-hand sales. Ford followed. If at the end of the list Fiat, Opel, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Peugeot and Audi is located. Meanwhile, it ranks 11th behind Audi with Audi. Toyota Let’s point out that there are only 2 sales differences between them.


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When we reduce the research to the model basis, we have 6 thousand 114 units in August. Passat We see the sale happen. 5 thousand 11 Renault units Clio4,572 Renault units megane, 4 thousand 65 Ford units focus, 3 thousand 679 Opels astra, 3 thousand 329 Toyotas corolla, 3 thousand 82 Volkswagens Golf, 3 thousand 39 Volkswagens Polo, 3 thousand 25 Fiat Aegean and 2,872 BMWs 3 Serieschanged hands in August.

2,888 Fiat Doblos sold

Fiat Doblo

When we look at light commercial vehicles, we see that Fiat Doblo, with 2,888 units sold, is at the top of the list. This vehicle was sold with 2 thousand 599 sales. Ford Transit/Tourneo Courier, with 2 thousand 448 sales Fiat Fiorino, with 1,824 sales Ford Transit/Tourneo Connect and with 1,649 sales Volkswagen Caddy followed…

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