The Best-Selling Car Brand in the World Has Been Announced

The best selling car brand in 2022 has been announced. The summit was Toyota’s in 2022, as it did in 2021.

Japanese auto giant Toyota managed to become the best-selling car brand worldwide in 2021. The company had sold a total of 9.56 million cars. Shared data for 2022 showed that the company was at the top again.

According to the statement made by Toyota, the company will increase all car sales in the world this year. managed to dominate. Toyota in total throughout 2022 10 million 483 thousand 24 units sold cars. The closest competitor to Toyota is became Volkswagen AG.

Volkswagen took second place, but down:

Volkswagen also shared its own data with Toyota. Volkswagen’s picture, on the other hand, was not upwards like Toyota. The German auto giant saw a decline in its sales this year as well. Total in 2021 8.88 million units Volkswagen sold 8.3 million cars in 2022. Sales fell 7% year over year. The main reason for this decline in automobile sales was of course the disruptions in the supply chain.

Tesla, which is accepted as the leading company of the electric car industry, will reach a total of 1.3 million He stated that he had delivered the vehicle. Although Tesla is the most valuable automotive company in the world in terms of market value, it seems to be far behind the well-established companies of the sector when it comes to vehicle sales.


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