The Answer to the Question of Second Hand Android or iPhone

According to the research results published by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP); used iPhones are in better condition than used Android devices. In the case of the battery, the situation is the opposite.

Apple has performed With event launch introduced many new products together. Research shows why Apple, which has grown its ecosystem with the new products it introduces every year, has become indispensable for its users and is followed with interest from afar, even by those who do not like it. Except for the battery of course…

Research by CIRP shows used iPhones compared to used Android devices. in better condition was stated. For instance; While more than 65 percent of iPhones used for 12 months have good screens, this rate is below 60 percent for Android devices that have been used for the same period of time.

iPhone behind on battery:

Aforementioned batteries when it does, the results are against the iPhone. Only 23 percent of iPhone users say their phones last a full day without a charge, while 30 percent of Android device users say their phone lasts for a whole day. Although both users and researches have negative opinions about the batteries of iPhone devices, Apple continues to be insufficient in battery improvement. According to the research result, both iPhone and Android users can only less than 10 percent He said that their phones became completely unusable at the end of a year.

One of the results of the research is what users who upgrade their phone model do with their old phones. According to CIRP, less than 10 percent of iPhone and Android users sell their old phones. While Android users mostly keep their old phones, 30 percent of iPhone owners keep their old phones. in exchange programs uses. It is thought that this situation may be due to higher prices when selling or bartering iPhone devices.

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