The Analyst, Who Found the Bottom of 2018 in Bitcoin, Announced the New Bottom Target and the Level to Buy!

“Good news comes at the top, bad news comes at the bottom”

Yes, this saying is very important for understanding how market cycles work.

Pretty bad news for the past two weeks. bitcoinWe see that we are making new bottoms in .

While novice investors are offended by cryptocurrencies by saying “damn the market like this”, experienced investors are starting to look for the potential bottom.

bitcoinNo one knows where the bottom might be. Everyone makes a guess based on their own game plan. However, we see that the general opinion is that the gradual purchases at these prices will not upset the investors who believe in the future of Bitcoin.

Will those who buy fear be rewarded at a time when investors are again withdrawing from the market and fear is at its peak? Time will show that.

While some analysts think that the double bottom formation in Bitcoin can be run with good news and that these prices are the bottom, we see that many investors focus on the $ 12500 levels.

One of them is the analyst named Smartconracter, who successfully marked the bottom in Bitcoin in 2018.

Thinking that Bitcoin is pretty close to the bottom in terms of the macro cycle, the analyst stated that the agony could continue for another month.

Expressing that there may be a final bottom in Bitcoin through the Elliot wave principle, the analyst stated that there may be an increase up to $ 17500 and then a pullback to $ 12500.

Explaining his plan, the analyst stated that he will buy when the price drops to $14,000 and will add at the return of the elliot ending wave.

bitcoin and Ethereum Stating that price expectations for the market are high, the analyst added:

“If you think Bitcoin will go to $100000 and Ethereum to $10,000 in a few years, it won’t matter if you buy at 16k, 15k or 14k.”

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