The Amount Deposited in Türkiye One Heart Campaign Has Been Announced!

Turkey One Heart Campaign, which was organized jointly by TV channels in order to help the regions affected by the earthquake in the past days, had a great impact.

In the night, which was held with the participation of many famous names, More than 115 billion TL was collected.. On the other hand, after the campaign night, sad allegations were made that the promised money was not deposited.

Vice President Fuat Oktay has made allegations today. by replying again Türkiye announced the total amount collected and deposited through the One Heart Campaign.

31 billion TL is still missing.

According to Vice President Oktay, the total amount invested so far 84 billion 400 million TL. In addition, he added that 1 million 682 thousand 309 people affected by the earthquake were paid 10 thousand liras per Household Support. He also reminded that 207 thousand people, who were victims of the earthquake, were given 15 thousand liras of transportation aid.

In Oktay’s previous statement on March 14, the amount collected was 74 billion TL. Thus, even though 10 billion TL is closer to the promised amount, it is still 31 billion TL shortfall We can say it is.


More than 115 Billion TL Donations Raised for Earthquake Victims in the ‘Turkey One Heart’ Program

Source :,1101821

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