The “80 Million Year Old Shark” Video Is Not Real!

The “80 million-year-old shark” video that went viral on social media in the past few days is just a misunderstanding. Here are the images, the shares and facts about the image…

A video from Japan, which has been viral on social media since last week, was shared by millions of social media accounts. Video, 80 million years It was claimed that a dog tie was displayed. The video, which first became viral abroad, was made by Prof. Dr. It became a hot topic in Turkey after it was shared by Derya Forgetz. Even some television channels have images of that shark. they communicated.

The image from Japan has been viewed millions of times around the world. Bringing the video to Turkey Derya Don’t Forget‘s post also received tens of thousands of interactions. However, there was a very serious misunderstanding here. As a matter of fact, Prof. Dr. Don’t forget this mistake tried to fix However, the fact that a piece of information on social media reached millions within seconds made it impossible to correct the misunderstanding.

Here is the video that is on the agenda on social media:

It was claimed that this image, which is engraved in our memories, is new and was taken off the island of Awashima in Japan. In the post, it was stated that this shark is an 80-million-year-old prehistoric creature. As for the type of shark “frilly shark” expressions were used. To be frank, here the only correct informationthe fish displayed was the frill shark.

prof. Dr. Derya Forgetz’s sharing was as follows

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